TheNewswire (TNW) has been an accredited timely disclosure and SEDAR filing agency since 2004. We work with 400+ publicly-traded and privately held companies and organizations, providing timely disclosure plus Media Relations services for “newsworthy” Clients.TNW provides at-par distribution and reach as its peers, but is the only Tier 1 service in North America that incorporates true Flat Rate billing for its services.

Q: What does that mean?

That means that at TheNewswire, we’ve come to realize (as journalists) that Words are not Cargo. They not weight anything. Nor do JPGs, GIF’s or MP4’s.So what difference (cost-wise) does it make whether a press releases is 100 words or 10,000? None. So we don’t bill for it.

Our rates are simple:

$250 Per Press Release: All Canada + US, no word restrictions and zero extra for multimedia inclusion.

$2,500 CSE Issuers: Annual / Unlimited press releases: All Canada + US – unlimited words, unlimited pages and unlimited press release frequency. Zero extra cost for multimedia inclusion.

$2,500 TSX Venture or OTC Markets: Annual / Unlimited press releases – All Canada + US – unlimited words, unlimited pages and unlimited press release frequency. Zero extra cost for multimedia inclusion.


TheNewswire Staff

Pat Beechinor, Business Development Manager & News Director

Pat Beechinor is the founder of TheNewswire.com. Pat majored in Broadcast News in 1984 (SAIT) and was an on-air news announcer and ultimately news line-up editor for a number of stations in British Columbia and Alberta (CJAT Trail, BC, KIK FM Calgary, XL Radio News Calgary and CHQT News Edmonton) through to 1997. In 1998 Beechinor founded Newslink Network Corporation, which he later sold to Filing Services Canada (ultimately absorbed by Accesswire). In 2004 Beechinor founded TheNewswire with an intent (successfully) to integrate legitimate news media targeting in combination with conventional “timely disclosure” to ensure truly “newsworthy” companies have access to reporters who cover those companies’ industry sector.


Kavi Mohan, News Director, Morning News Desk and Media Database Co-ordinator

Kavi Mohan is a versatile writer/editor and Communications Specialist. She was a Business Reporter at the Calgary Herald from 1994 to 1998 and continued to contribute to the daily on a freelance basis for nearly a decade. Kavi has applied her writing skills to public relations and marketing in addition to journalism and has worked in several industries including technology, healthcare, real estate, engineering, and post-secondary education. Her primary focus is now on media relations and news dissemination as News Director and Media Database Coordinator for TheNewswire. Experienced on both sides of the fence, Kavi is able to recognize newsworthy clients and their accomplishments. Kavi targets specific reporters and editors to get the most coverage possible for every client when pitching stories to the media.

Kavi holds a BA in English from the University of Victoria and returned to her hometown of Calgary to attend Mount Royal University for her Journalism and Public Relations certifications.


Michael Wood, News Desk

Michael Wood is a digital media manager and communications strategist with 20 years of experience. Michael studied journalism in Calgary and was a reporter, editor and manager at one of The Calgary Sun. Wood has covered politics and business and his stories have appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country. His work has also appeared in at least two books.


Lisa Maxwell, SEDAR and Compliance Filings

Lisa Maxwell is the founder of Sequoia Corporate Services Inc. a company that provides SEDAR, SEDI, regulatory and corporate compliance services for issuers, across industry sectors. For the past 14 years she has worked as the Corporate Secretary and Compliance Officer for a number of public companies and is familiar with the policies of the various Exchanges. She is proficient with all regulatory filings, SEDAR and SEDI and with aa background in computer science and project management Lisa works to ensure that all your transactions are timely and onside.

Lisa Maxwell lives and works in the Okanagan region of British Columbia.


Russell August Schaeffler, Brand Marketing Director

Russell is the brand strategist, social media manager, and graphic designer for TheNewswire tasked with setting of the style guides, brand guidelines, brand vision and value proposition. Planning and execution of all communications and media actions on all channels, including online and social media. Assisting with product development, pricing and new product launches as well as developing new business opportunities.


Mark Wolfe, PhD

Mark is a 30-year communicator with extensive print media, corporate communications and video production background – including corporate and cinematic work. In 1998, he won an Alberta Motion Picture Industries award as producer, short film production for a docu-drama on legendary Calgary-area journalists Fred Kennedy and Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance. More recently, he was a co-founder of Kootenay Business Television (KBTV), producing a series of video magazine articles on the businesses, people and places around the southeastern BC interior. And this summer, aside from completing a number of profile videos for North Coal in Sparwood, BC., Mark has been working as the Director of Photography on The Orchard – a feature-length psychological horror film he is producing near his hometown of Creston, BC.


Nick Wiltshire, IT Manager