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Vancouver Chinatown based Spanish Tapas Restaurant La Boqueria accepts FlashCoin

April 7, 2021 – TheNewswire - Restaurants like La Boqueria, based in Vancouver are starting to adopt cryptocurrency solutions like Flashcoin for simple payment solutions. Flashcoin was a no brainer for La Boqueria owner Phillip Dawid due to its low cost, transaction speed and ease of use.

When asked to comment owner Phil said “We strongly believe that utility coin wallets will be part of the new paradigm for payments and point of sale due to its simplicity and usability. It is not practical for most customers to make payments using Bitcoin anymore because of its high price, slow transaction processing and fees. FlashCoin offers our customers a very fast and secure payment option with very low fees through their FlashCoin Wallet.”

 Utility coins like Flashcoin also help in bringing together merchants and businesses with a common purpose or in the same industry through easy and instant invoicing on transactions. “We are working to get more merchants and restaurants accepting Flash in Chinatown in hopes of creating a true local community coin used by our customers and local vendors. Flash has also provided us with another secure payment option for deliveries as well as a contingency if our other terminals ever go down.”

La Boqueria is located in the heart of Chinatown Vancouver on Gore and Pender. Make sure to pay them a visit and spend your FlashCoin when they re-open for dine in service on April 20th.  The Flashcoin wallet can be downloaded on Android or Coinapps Flash wallet on iOS. The web version featuring Merchant tools can we easily accessed via

What is FLASH?

FLASH is a community-supported blockchain project developed for all people that offers fast transactions with low fees. There are only 900M coins available, all of which were distributed at the beginning of the project. No ICO’s, no developer funds and zero inflation; our goal is to create a safe, secure and resilient environment for our community to thrive.

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La Boqueria contact :       291 East Pender Street Vancouver BC Canada