Social Media Placement

Want Fresh Investors? Facts: A new Regus global survey found that 34 percent of Canadian businesses have successfully used social networks to attract new business. Let us help you target new investors via your own Social Media.  In 2018 E-Trade found that 43% of millennial investors used social media as a source for investment research.

TheNewswire is the only newswire in the industry incorporates your own Social Links into outbound press releases – like this;


Via a Competitor newswire:


On a Professional Trading Terminal? The difference is night and Day. Below is the TheNewswire’s Social Media placement vs Competition on ThomsonOne terminal.
You have 2 Options in engaging TNW’s Social services:

1. $25 – Social Headline Creation: TheNewswire will create three distinct Social Media Headlines (one for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) on the fly, while we process your press release (please allow 15 minutes). An example would be this press release rendered into the three distinct 280 character notifications including hashtags and cashtags.

"Exciting updates from Universal Ibogaine Inc! Advancing clinical trial app for opioid use disorder treatment, securing ibogaine supply, overhauling facilities at Kelburn Center. CEO Nick Karos says 2023 will be a pivotal year for the company and those seeking ibogaine treatment #OpioidCrisis #AddictionTreatment #UniversalIbogaine $IBO“

"Universal Ibogaine Inc. makes major strides in 2022 with successful clinical trial design and ibogaine supply agreements. CEO Nick Karos looks forward to 2023, with plans for expanding treatment options and scaling the business. #OpioidEpidemic #IbogaineTreatment #UniversalIbogaine $IBO“

"Universal Ibogaine Inc. takes big steps forward in the fight against opioid addiction with plans for clinical trial and licensing agreements. Kelburn Center completes major renovations, offering state-of-the-art addiction treatment. CEO Nick Karos says 2023 will be a game changer. #OpioidCrisisSolution #IbogaineResearch #UniversalIbogaine $IBO"

Option #2. $50 – Headline Creation and TheNewswire also Posts to your Social Networks for you.  Please call 877-456-6241 or email for details.

Q: How important is Social Media?

Very. 75% of all Financial News websites and Portals now support Social Media content and that number is growing.