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Cava Healthcare Announces Issuance of Canadian Patent on Curcuphenol Compounds for Increasing Immune Destruction of Metastatic Cancers

Cava Healthcare Inc.

Increases Immunogenicity of Cells, Provides New Treatment Options for Metastatic Cancers
Vancouver, British Columbia - TheNewswire - November 28, 2023 - Cava Healthcare Inc. (Cava), a biopharmaceutical company, is pleased to announce the issuance of its Canadian Patent for curcuphenol compounds to treat cancer. These compounds are specifically designed to enhance the immune system's capacity to eradicate metastatic cancers. Considering that metastatic cancer accounts for approximately 90% of cancer-related fatalities, the need for innovative drugs disrupting the transition from primary to metastatic stages is crucial. Ethnobotanical studies highlight turmeric and cumin as potential remedies for cancer, primarily attributed to curcuminoids such as curcuphenol. However, further research was needed to pinpoint the specific molecular entities responsible for distinct medicinal benefits. The issued patent elucidates methods for utilizing curcuphenol compounds to elevate the immunogenicity of metastatic cancer cells that leads to their subsequent immune destruction. Furthermore, it encompasses pharmaceutical composition claims pertaining to novel curcuphenol compounds, along with methods of their application. These methods include the treatment of various cancers, either as stand-alone therapies or in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches.

Dr. Wilfred Jefferies, Cava’s Chief Scientific Officer, stated “This patent significantly enhances Cava's intellectual property in the field of cancer treatment. The restoration of immunosurveillance is a crucial step in enabling the body to identify and eliminate cancer cells. We anticipate the adoption of the compounds and methods outlined in this patent by clinicians, marking a positive advancement in cancer care.”

The issuance of this patent in Canada adds to the jurisdictions in which Cava has received patent coverage. The issuance of this patent is a key step for Cava in safeguarding the commercial viability of drugs for treating cancer.


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Cava is a specialty biotechnology company focused on advancing drug development to address unmet medical needs in neurodegeneration, inflammation, and restoration of immune function.  The Company has a patent protected portfolio of intellectual property and technology, concentrated on the development of a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease and various oncology related biomarkers and treatments.

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