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Plantify Foods Provides Update on Sales Channels & Partners

Plantify Foods, Inc.

Vancouver, British Columbia – TheNewswire – February 12, 2024 - Plantify Foods, Inc. (TSXV:PTFY) ("Plantify Foods" or the "Company"), a Clean Label food company dedicated to providing consumers with nutritious and delicious food options, is pleased to provide an update on its sales channels and partners that have helped forge the Company, and who continue to be satisfied customers.


"It is extremely satisfying to see the trajectory the Company has taken, backed by a strong operational team and founders who remain entrenched in the operations, and committed to maintaining a high level of quality in everything that they do.”,  said Suzette Ramcharan, CEO of Plantify Foods.

“We had a simple dream of creating better food for our families. Through extensive research and development, and our combined area of expertise, we are setting the standard for Clean Label foods. We are very proud of our accomplishments to date, from humble beginnings to a company that now sells in our local market of Israel, as well as Europe and the United States. Our values have been our drivers and will continue to guide us as we produce new products, engage with new customers and white label partners, all while ensuring our food is tasty and healthy. We are very thankful to our early customers for their support and welcome our new customers and partners, who have put their trust in us and our products.”, said Noam Ftecha, CEO of Peas Of Bean.


A Unique Clean Label Food Company

Since inception, Plantify Foods wholly owned subsidiary, Peas Of Bean (“POB”), has been committed to producing high quality, Clean Label foods that are nutritious and delicious. Through its proprietary process and knowhow, the Company produces Clean Label foods without the use of chemical preservatives or additives such as sugar or flavour enhancers and use high quality whole natural ingredients.  One of the unique qualities of Plantify Foods’ Clean Label products, is that they are free from most common allergens (a growing area of concern for global consumers). All products are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Nut-Free, and Non-GMO.  In addition, the manufacturing facility is supported by global standards, and all products meet the Kosher PRAVE standard (and can easily meet any standard requirements to be considered Halal), and can produce Organic upon request, or based on demand.

The R&D team (under leadership of POB’s Co-Founder and VP of Product Development, Stas Levin), worked tirelessly to expand the product line in 2023 from one (1) product category (Veggie Nuggets & Balls), adding three (3) additional product categories (Dips, Spreads & Salads, collectively “Salads”; Stews and Soups). The new product lines have proven successful with the Salads and Soups being widely accepted and in high demand in new markets such as Europe and the United States.


Sales Channels & Customer Base

The Company is proud to see growth in new markets, and the foundational support and continued growth within its local market of Israel.

Company Name

Country of Operation


  • Vegan Supplies (e-commerce Retailer) 


Veggie Nuggets, Salads, Stews

  • Kayco (White Label Partner) 


Falafel Balls, custom product

  • Tiv Ve’taim (Professional Food Service) 


Veggie Nuggets

  • Neomi Farms (Deli Chain Retailer) 


Salads, Soups, Veggie Nuggets

  • Teva Castel (Grocery Retailer) 


Salads, Soups

  • Food Plus (Professional Food Service) 


Falafel Balls

  • Carmella (e-commerce White Label Partner) 


Soups, Stews

  • Pikante USA (White Label Partner) 



  • Label Delice (White Label Partner) 




About Plantify Foods

Plantify Foods is committed to providing consumers with nutritious, Clean Label food options while pioneering innovation in the food and beverage industry. The Company has a simple mission: to ensure that everyone has access to high quality food alternatives that are clean and healthy, are nutritious and tasty, use whole natural ingredients, and are easy to prepare.

Plantify Foods, through its wholly owned Israeli subsidiary, currently sells its diverse range of products in Israel, and is actively expanding its footprint across Europe and North America. With its new manufacturing facility, the Company can increase production and continue to create new Clean Label food products to meet the growing demand of health-conscious consumers from all walks of life.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact the Company directly.


Gabriel Kabazo

Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary

Phone: (778) 601-8420


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