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Ambarella ($AMBA) Unveils World's First Centrally Processed 4D Imaging Radar for Autonomous Systems

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Ambarella (NASDAQ: AMBA) has released the world’s first centralized 4D imaging radar architecture, which it says will allow for central processing of raw radar data and deep, low-level fusion with other sensor inputs including cameras, lidar and ultrasonics. 


The new system features Ambarella’s Oculii radar technology, which includes artificial intelligence software algorithms that dynamically adapt radar waveforms to the surrounding environment. The company says that this provides a higher angular resolution, ultra-dense points per frame, and long detection ranges up to 500 meters.


By applying AI software to dynamically adapt the radar waveforms generated with existing monolithic microwave integrated circuit devices, along with using AI sparsification to create virtual antennas, Ambarella says that its Oculii technology provides a flexible and high performance perception architecture that enables system integrators to future proof their radar designs.


Fermi Wang, President and CEO of Ambarella stated: “No other semiconductor and software company has advanced in-house capabilities for both radar and camera technologies, as well as AI processing.”


Target applications for the new centralized radar architecture include advanced driver assistance systems  and autonomous vehicles, as well as autonomous mobile and automated guided vehicle robots.

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