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NuScale Power ($SMR) Demonstrates Emission Reducing Capabilities of Small Modular Reactors

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TheNewswire - May 31, 2023 - New research from NuScale Power (NYSE:SMR) has demonstrated the advanced capabilities of NuScale small modular reactors (SMRs) for reducing emissions in industrial sectors, which is critical to meeting global climate goals.


Led by Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. José Reyes, the company says that benchmarked research found that small modular reactors have the potential for use in a wide variety of high-temperature industrial processes not previously envisioned using light water reactor (LWR) technology, such as heavy to light oil conversion, bulk plastic waste recycling, dissolving heavy oil to produce gasoline additives, and light plastics for the regeneration of products like synthesis gas.


NuScale's research shows that a single NuScale Power Module can generate more than 500,000 pounds per hour of steam at 1,500 pounds per square inch and 932 degrees, with the potential to increase production to over 2,400 pounds per square inch and 1200 degrees.


The company says that this capability will provide oil refiners and chemical companies with new options to decarbonize their operations and products using carbon-free nuclear energy.


Dr. Reyes, NuScale Co-Founder stated: “These new findings strengthen the use case for NuScale’s advanced SMR technology.”


NuScale Power Corporation is the industry-leading provider of proprietary and innovative advanced small modular nuclear technology


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