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Agriplay Ventures Inc. Finalizes deal for the Territory License for the Province of Manitoba

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May 15, 2023 – TheNewswire


Ionplay Capital Inc. (Ionplay) has licensed the Territory License for the exclusive rights to utilize and distribute Agriplay Ventures Inc. (Agriplay) Technologies and growing systems within the province of Manitoba in Canada.  With several projects already in development within the province, Agriplay is excited to work with Ionplay to improve food security within the province.  


Agriplay, under a Territory Licensing Agreement, has secured a Territory Licensee for the province of Manitoba for a period of Ten years from the date of execution of the License agreement. The target territory contains an estimated population of 1.37M in 2023 and was valued at approximately $154K.


Ionplay is a company dedicated to solving food security and reconnecting people to food, including Indigenous peoples. Through this partnership with Agriplay, Ionplay and its partners will work with the Red River Métis people and other Indigenous groups to set up sustainable indoor farms within Manitoba. This will create a new ecosystem of jobs in the rapidly growing controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry. Working on projects both on and off First Nations lands, Ionplay and its partners will onshore food production, and work towards restoring traditional First Nations food crops year-round.


Agriplay defines a territory as a legally recognized jurisdiction inside of any country, including but not limited to municipalities, counties, provinces, states and/or the entire country itself. Within the agreement, Agriplay will supply all of the materials and equipment necessary to plug’n’play the urban indoor farm into commercial assets within the Manitoba territory, as well as provide support for the system.  Under the agreement, Ionplay has full exclusive control over the territory to set up operations using Agriplay’s proprietary technology and set up inter-territory partnerships to the benefit of Ionplay.


"We are honored to be a part of Ionplay's initiative in restoring food security to Indigenous peoples. Their dedication to connecting people to food and their commitment to sustainable farming practices aligns with our mission of bringing together agriculture 2.0 and the traditional practices of First Nations peoples. We look forward to working with Ionplay and its partners to build a stronger, more sustainable future for all Canadians." says Dan Houston, President of Agriplay.


Agriplay’s proprietary growing system enables operator and territory licensees to grow over 150 different varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers at scale on a fraction of the consumption footprint of traditional indoor farming.  


Agriplay systems can grow almost any variety of fresh fruit and vegetable; uses up to 10 times less energy; and is up to 40 times more scalable than traditional vertical farms.  Agriplay is currently working with its Territory Licensees to convert over 9.5 million square feet of commercial real estate into productive indoor farms around the world.


"Today, we proudly announce that our groundbreaking technology stands alone as the unparalleled solution for scaling indoor agriculture to meet the pressing demands of the current food security and commercial real estate crisis’. With our system, we empower commercial real estate asset classes to effortlessly transform into highly productive indoor farms, ensuring no long-term impact on the buildings themselves. We are thrilled to collaborate with esteemed partners like Ionplay, as we forge ahead to embed our technology in sustainable new buildings, designed to revolutionize agricultural stability while actively minimizing and reversing environmental impact." says Dan Houston, President and Founder of Agriplay.


About Agriplay Ventures Inc.

Agriplay Ventures Inc. of Calgary, Alberta is an elevated, urban farming technology  company that works with territory stakeholders in commercial real estate markets to dramatically improve asset value through the conversion and adaptive reuse of commercial real estate assets into productive indoor farms for local operators.  Using proprietary technology, Agriplay uses advanced power management, automation, and artificial intelligence to leverage, augment, and transition local labour to service local demands for food.  


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