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CTT Pharma Appoints David Paton as Senior Advisor

CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc

Tampa, Florida, United States - TheNewswire – March 28, 2023 - CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. (OTC:CTTH) is pleased to announce David Paton has become a Senior Advisor for CTT Pharma effective April 1, 2023.  

Mr. Paton previously worked for British American Tobacco (BAT) for 11 years in several Vice-President level innovation roles. Amongst these, David was Head of Product Development for Tobacco Heating Products, where he led the development through launch of glo in 2016. During his last four years at BAT, David served as Head of Discovery and Head of Open Innovation, while also managing numerous technology partnerships with start-up and scale-up companies.  David also spent 10 years at Kimberly-Clark as a Senior Scientist and Technical Consultant, giving him more than two decades of experience in product development and R&D Leadership roles. David Paton stated, “I am thrilled to have been appointed as a Senior Advisor for CTT.  I cannot wait to contribute my expertise and help drive the company towards success through their exciting product plans.”

Ryan Khouri, CEO of CTT Pharma, stated “David's years of work at British American Tobacco and Kimberly-Clark in product development and R&D leadership roles will provide me with valuable insight into future development and partnerships for our patented technology. I’m excited that he has joined CTT Pharma and look forward to future opportunities.

CTT Pharma is also in talks with the US Government to help fund research on our patented Nicotine Strips. CTT will continue to update shareholders as more news becomes available.

About CTT Pharma

CTT’s patented dissolvable strips enter the bloodstream once dissolved in the mouth, bypassing the lungs and digestive tract, allowing for better absorption, faster onset, as fast as an injection, and the ability to combine actives. This technology can be used for many industries including but not limited to Pharmaceuticals, Nicotine, and Vitamins. Furthermore, CTT has the ability to create smoke-free products with less milligrams of a desired drug needed on a strip than traditional oral delivery methods because of higher bioavailability and absorption.

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