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Vertical Aerospace ($EVTL) Becomes First British Company in 20 Years to Lift off With New Aircraft

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September 26, 2022 - TheNewswire - Vertical Aerospace (EVTL), a global aerospace and technology company pioneering zero-emissions aviation, has announced the launch of its new VX4 electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.


The company says that the launch makes it the first British company to commence flight tests with a new aircraft in over 20 years, with its full-scale, piloted prototype.


Vertical says that the program is expected to continue for several months and will complete different stages, including the reaching of higher altitudes and speeds as well as demonstration of the transition from vertical to horizontal forward flight.


The permit and positive results of these tests will allow Vertical’s team to progress confidently on their mission to certify the VX4 by 2025.


Stephen Fitzpatrick, Founder & CEO, Vertical, said “This moment represents a small step for Vertical Aerospace, but it's a giant leap forward for British aviation. For more than 100 years the UK has been a global leader in aviation and today, in the 21st century, Britain is leading the world in the development of zero carbon aircraft.”


The company says that it has already received more than 1,400 conditional pre-orders from some of the world’s leading airlines and tourist groups including Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Japan Airlines and Air Asia.

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