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Above Food and Ingredients is Poised to Disrupt the Industry with Unique Approach to Plant Protein Consumer Brands and Branded Ingredients


Regina, Saskatchewan – TheNewswire - October 1, 2020 - Above Food Inc. dba Above Food and Ingredients (“Above Food”) today announces their plans to disrupt the plant-based meat and dairy markets with their next generation plant protein ingredient and consumer brands.


Above Food was established in 2019 to develop and distribute premium whole plant alternatives to meat and dairy by creating delicious, densely nutritious consumer products and branded ingredients. As an asset-light business, Above Food will bring its products to market through strategic relationships with leading co-packers, distributors, and DTC e-commerce platforms.


The company has been designed to address the growing industry and consumer demand for protein derived from plants.  Through their branded ingredients and products, Above Food seeks to improve human health, tackle climate change, reduce the consumption of natural resources, and prevent food-based animal cruelty.


These issues the company will address are critical factors in the massive growth of the plant-based food market. In the United States alone, grocery sales of meat-alternative, plant-based foods have grown 29% in the past two years to $5 billion. As a comparison, general retail food sales grew 2.2% in 2019.1


“I have experienced first-hand the positive power that plants have on our health,” reflected Martin Williams, President and Chief Innovation Officer of Above Food. “I’m extremely passionate about driving the food industry toward a future of sustainable, natural plant-based foods.”


Not All Protein is Created Equal


Above Food is targeting an underserved part of the meat and dairy alternatives market that customers are starting to call for—whole plant proteins that are high quality and natural. Many plant-based protein products offer only a fraction of the amino acids our bodies need, meaning people relying on these products for protein are exposing themselves to the risk of being well fed, but malnourished.


This idea has guided Above Food’s innovation efforts and led to the creation of their proprietary Whole-Plant Protein Formulations—blends of plant proteins created from heirloom pulses, gluten-free and ancient grains, complemented by vegetables and herbs.


“Our Whole-Plant Protein Formulations provide all of the essential, and conditionally essential amino acids our bodies need,” explains Dr. Kristina Bosnar IFMCP, Medical Director for Above Food.


Above Food has announced that they are tackling multiple product segments in order to bring their Whole-Plant Protein Formulations to as many consumers as possible. Making them the only North American company to announce a multi-platform approach to disrupt massive food segments including wholesale ingredients, meat, dairy, and baby food.


“When people eat our food, they aren’t making any trade-offs for their health,” expands Williams. “But we know the only way we can address this growing health problem is if our food tastes really amazing, if we jump off the shelf because we look inspiring, and if people feel good after eating our products.”


Chefs, Doctors, Nutritionists, Innovators Unite


The Above Food team is purpose built for innovation at scale, having built a strategic partnership with leading innovation firm Recipe for Tomorrow Inc., whose team has invented and developed hundreds of successful food, beverage, and wellness brands and products for blue chip CPG companies for the past 20 years. With industry leaders from the disciplines of advanced culinary exploration, functional medicine, holistic nutrition, social science, and consumer product innovation in the same room, Above Food brings multidisciplinary expertise together to deliver a unique product portfolio.


“As long time practitioners and teachers of design thinking, it stood to reason that we would design our organization and our products very differently from a conventional CPG. Market opportunity informs product decisions, product decisions inform the brand, the brand informs the go-to-market strategy, and the go-to-market strategy informs our operational design,” Williams explained. “It is an interconnected, nonlinear system where all parts need to be working in perfect balance in order for us to provide incredible products for our consumers, our community, and the planet.”


Nothing is Above Nature


Another attribute that sets Above Food apart is a set of values that govern every decision they make, born out of its founders 120+ years in the food production business. These values include;  


Be Above Transparent

We tell the whole story, from seed to plate, so that our customers can trust that their food is the right choice for their body and environment.


Be Above Humble

We believe nothing is above nature, and we look to her as a mentor and guide for making whole food that people love.

Be Above Sustainable

We don’t take more from the earth than she can give, all of our practices are designed to ensure that all the generations to come can enjoy their life on this earth.


Be Above Curious

We are always on the lookout for knowledge and inspiration to improve how we grow and make whole plant proteins for everyone


Be Above Harmonious

We are inclusive of all communities, including our partners from First Nations communities. We only work with farms and suppliers who treat the land with respect and commit to paying living wages and basic benefits.


Be Above Patient

We have been growing crops for five generations, we don’t rush nature’s process because we know that great food and ideas take time to grow.


“The future of food - which we are helping to usher in, needs to work hard to improve our health, it needs to address climate change, it needs to embrace a cradle-to-cradle approach to production, and it needs to significantly improve the welfare of animals,” concludes Williams.


Armed with a proprietary set of formulations, a world-class team, and a clear set of values to govern decisions, Above Food is poised to take the market by storm by unleashing the creative power of nature.






Martin Williams

President & Chief Innovation Officer

Above Food and Ingredients Inc.



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Above Food Inc. was established in 2019 to develop and distribute premium whole plant alternatives to meat and dairy by creating delicious, densely nutritious consumer products and branded ingredients. As an asset-light business Above Food will bring its products to market through strategic relationships with leading co-packers, distributors, and DTC e-commerce platforms. -