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Amendment to the Dory Property Option Agreement

Lexston Mining Corporation

Vancouver, British Columbia – TheNewswire - May 31, 2023 - Lexston Life Sciences Corp. (the “Company”) (CSE:LEXT) (OTC:LEXTF) and the optionor amended the Dory Property Option Agreement dated for reference January 18, 2023 (the “Dory Property Option Agreement”).  Pursuant to the amendment (“Amendment 1”), section 3.2 of the Dory Property Option Agreement was replaced with the following text:


“3.2        In order to exercise the Option and earn the first Fifty One Percent (51%) interest in the Property, the Optionee, within six months from the date of the acceptance by the Exchange of this Agreement and the change of business of the Optionee, has to:

a) pay to the Optionor Eighty Five Thousand Dollars ($85,000);  and

b) issue to the Optionor a total of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand (250,000) Shares.

Upon satisfaction of the conditions set out in this Section 3.2, the Option with respect to the 51% interest in the Property shall be deemed to be exercised, and an undivided 51% right, title and interest in the Property will automatically vest in the Optionee and the Optionor shall promptly register the 51% interest in the Property in the name of the Optionee, with the applicable registration fees and costs to be borne by the Optionee.”


The Dory Property Option Agreement and Amendment 1 are available on under the profile of the Company.


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