BETTER Explain Yourself! Literally - with TheNewswire VPR's

TheNewswire is now offering broadcast-quality streaming video within press releases for just $250 CDN and turnaround within 24-hours.

Producer Host Phoenix Phillips visits with TheNewswire CEO Pat Beechinor, who has more details.


Video Enhanced Press Releases (VPR’s) are broadcast-ready and designed to allow senior management to detail the high points of your latest news, simplify details and outline: What’s Next?

If you would like to detail the significance of your latest news in your own words within the press release itself, then this is ideal for you.

250 Complete, Turn-Around within 24 Hours


Professionally produced to stream within your press release, these interviews are an ideal way to allow your CEO / spokesperson to introduce themselves to shareholders and explain their goals and ambitions.

Key Benefits Include:


-Price. Nobody provides Broadcast Ready VPR for even close to this price.

-Turn-Around time for VPR’s is less than 24-hours.

-With a Headline reading (VIDEO ENHANCED) people will click to view. Human Nature

-For “Alpha” management, VPR’s are the ideal opportunity to be Your Company’s “Elon Musk”

-Video is a SEO magnet

-It is an Asset which makes Accounting happy

-VPR’s are an ideal tool for your social media YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.


For Details, Contact Pat Beechinor directly at 403-463-4119